Wednesday, March 21, 2012

School of Venture Capitalists for Long and Short

101WSR: Wall Street Roadmap
101UWS: Understand Wall Street
101UOWS: Understand Opportunities
101FWS: Wall Street Focus
101WSFW: Foundation of Wall Street
101WSNW: Network Work
101WSI: Knowledge and Confidence Interviews
101WSMA: A Network Mutual Assistance
200WSTG: Play the Trading Game
201WSEBP: Entrepreneurship and The Business Plan
300WSVC: Venture Capital, Corporate Merger & Acquisitions
301WSAV: Accounting and Valuation
302WSCS: Case Study: Largest and Most Notable M&A Deals
302WSIBG: Play The Investment Banker Game
303WSSVC: Venture Capitalist
304WSMAE: Merger & Acquisition Executive
400WSCFAM: Cash Flow Analysis & Modeling
401WSMAM: Merger & Acquisition Modeling
402WSPED: Case Study: Private Equity Deal
500WST: Trading (Market making, prop, Hedge funds)
501WSFP: Finance Products
502WSAC: Asset Classes & Derivatives
503WSI: Investments                                                        504WSPM: Portfolio Manager
505WSIPA: Investments Portfolio Analyst
506WSIPW: Investments Portfolio Private Wealth
510WSPT: Portfolio Theory
520WSICG: Play Investment Competition Game
530WSPM: Portfolio Manager
600WSFE: Financial Engineering
601WSS: Structuring
602WSRM: Risk Management
610WSHFTS: Hedge Fund Trading Strategies
620WSAA: Alternative Assets
630WSGTI: Generating Trade Ideas
631WSA: Arbitrage
632WSRV: Relative Value
633WSES: Case Study: World’s Greatest Trades
634WSC: Trade Idea Competition
640WSHFT: Hedge Fund Trader
700WSRM Risk Management, Hedging and Regulation
710WSBFP: Behavior Finance, Psychology of Finance
720WSAG: Auction Game
721WSNavagator: Navigating Wall Street
722WSCulture: The Work Culture and Lifestyle
730WSLJ: Landing a Job on Wall Street
731WSCP: Career Paths
732WSAP: Academic preparation
740WSInterviews: Interview Techniques & Mock Interviews
741WSRecruiter: Speak With a Wall Street Recruiter

WS100: Navigating Wall Street
WS101:Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities
WS102: Investment Banking
WS103:Private Equity
WS104: Hedge Funds
WS105: Asset Managers
WS106: Understanding Financial Products
WS107: Multiple Asset Classes
WS108: Derivatives

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